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Jacksonville’s rich history and semi-tropical climate have influenced the aesthetic and formation of this 10 Story Apartment/Retail Mixed Use project. Sitting within Brooklyn, an up and coming neighborhood of Jacksonville Florida, Vista Brooklyn offers the community 12,500 square footage of Retail space with a generous elevated retail promenade along the well traveled Riverside Avenue. 307 apartment units and a generous 31,000 square feet of amenity space, including a 10th level Club/Pool Deck space and an elevated Dog Park on the rooftop of the parking deck, occupies the rest of the structure. In keeping with a construction type that makes sense and resonates within the area, precast hollow core planks on masonry load bearing walls, were used as a the main structural system. The idea of a vibrant beacon of fresh activity complimenting the prairie-style influenced city architecture of Jacksonville has guided the formation of this building to play off two distinct aesthetics, that of a modernist kind and a more classically proportioned form. We intend this project to marry the two, side-by-side, to present a project both respectful of past precedents and projecting towards a future in which this development serves as a catalyst for revitalization.